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The „being blogger kind of decision“ is one easy to make, yet hard to accomplish. As you may have noticed, we´ve had a „tiny“ silent pause since India. In my defense, I can serve you two (somewhat) good reasons right now.

First thing first – and that is the main cause – we joined a guided group as soon as we arrived to China. Oh yes, we did join an excursion tour. It is not our style, you know. Rushing. We´re more of the „get to know the culture plus not having to get up at 6 AM (unless it is not yoga with Puneet)“ kind of gals, we´re the ones spending hours eating breakfast, the two wandering through town till midnight.

But when you win this kind of trip, then of course we´re going to be there (yet never in the right place at the right time, sorry, travelgroup).

Summer camp-like wake-up calls, breakfast, bus ride, sightseeing, bus ride, sightseeing, 20 minute break to walk around – oh but don´t buy that dress – no time – goddammit just get in the bus. And then it´s pee time, everyone´s all time favorite, old but gold. All the ticket are prepaid, direct contact with Chinese locals is rare. I mean, why would you if you don´t have to, right?

This kind of carousel is hard to get out of and finding some time to write a few words here and there is a challenge. Oh and then there are the China internet restrictions which basically fighted to the death so no post nor articles can be posted.

Beijing, Xi´an, on our way (by train, once again) to Shanghai – and trust me, I do not even know if I´ve already had enough of those cities.

Oh but of course we have seen everything we could have possibly seen! That´s a fact for sure.

What was it, you ask?

magnificent Old Beijing

Tian´anmen Square

Forbidden City

The Great Wall of China

Wangfujing street

Temple of Heaven

Beijing National Stadium

Beihai Park

Terracotta Army

Muslim Quarter of Xi´an

Xi´an at nightime

And many many more.

Isn´t it nice? But then imagine – instead off all that rushing – catching the sunlight in Beihai Park, having a barefoot picnic on the grass. To cheer on the elderly happy beings playing cards there, to join the street dance sessions that are completely common here, or just stand by and clap to the beat, laugh, sing. Doesn´t that sound magical? It would feel freeing just to be, exist, let the time flow by.

I am not done with being amazed at how spontaneous Chinese are. At how playful and feeling like dancing at every age they are. It is amazing.

Of course all days are not over. We said goodbye to our guided group and we are starting to consume China the way we like it. Photography course with Lily, visit of a local second hand (in China? quite a challenge, let me say), sewing espadrilles with Yajing (or what was it again?). Bye bye five star hotels, hello actual China! We´re ready for street food, ready for adventure. Oh hell yes.

Alright so this is the where we´re going to live for the next week or so.. 🙂 Doesn´t it look.. like a not-so-five star hotel?

P.S.: Not to judge everything about the vacation package, there are many positive aspects, too!

After all, Ondra has arrived, yay!

Oh and we also met a group of very nice people, which is always a good thing.

See you soon on a Shanghai adventure!

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